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Hapland 3 – Online Puzzle Game


A long time ago I played Hapland so I checked out if there was a new version available (I found Hapland 1 by cleaning my bookmarks).

Next to Hapland 1, Hapland 2 there is also Hapland 3. Hapland looks like a simple Flash puzzle but sometimes you really have to puzzle to find the solution.

You can solve the Hapland mysteries by clicking on things. Sometimes you have to click on things (can be more than once). Sometimes it is all about timing. Sometimes helpful icons are engraved on the walls. [Read More...]

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Solve 4D and 5D Magic Cube


For all puzzlers with a passion for Rubik’s Cube there are now software versions (Java, Linux, Windows) available of Rubik’s Cube in four-dimensional and in five-dimensional and they are called Magic Cube.

The four-dimensional version has over 1.75E120 possible combination’s and is available for free for both Windows and Linux users. They even published their source code for download.

Solving it will get your name listed in their Hall Of Fame, and there is also a running competition for the most efficient solution with [Read More...]

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Colour Sudoku


Colour Sudoku is another variant of Sudoku and can be found online via Colour Sudoku. Also an explanation how Colour Sudoku should be solved can be found on their website.

It’s very simple: In Colour Sudoku, instead of filling in the numbers 1 to 9 in each of the 3 by 3 blocks, you must enter 1 to 9 in the 9 boxes of each colour – for example there are nine yellow boxes. This means you have to look all over the Sudoku to see where the numbers fit in [Read More...]

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The Great WordPlay Contest


A few days ago I already read an article about WordPlay on Puzzlinks.

On several websites you can find clues for the WordPlay Puzzle Contest. One of those sites is Movie Online and they take part of an internet Crossword Puzzle to celebrate the release of WordPlay.

WordPlay Hits theatres June 16th 2006. This irreverent and humorous film focuses on the man most associated with crossword puzzles, New York Times puzzle editor and NPR puzzle-master Will Shortz. Director Patrick Creadon introduces us to this passionate hero, and to the inner workings of his brilliant and often hilarious contributors, [Read More...]

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Sudoku Video Game


Play Sudoku on your TV with this Sudoku Video Game. According to First Street

“It’s easy to set up, plugging directly into the television, and provides a nearly unlimited supply of puzzles ranging from the easy to the difficult.

Multiple functions allow you to get help on a difficult puzzle, note possible numbers for one square, or create your own puzzles. A timer lets you see how long it takes you to complete a puzzle”.

For $29.95 it’s yours. For more information check-out their Sudoku Video Game page. Happy Puzzling!

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Thought Behind a Puzzle


By looking at the picture I thought is was just a simple puzzle, but I was wrong. This is Art and I found it on a website called Art Wanted.

This fine piece of art is called “Puzzle – for print purposes” and painted by Asbjorn Lonvig with Acrylic on canvas, 201 x 139 cm (79.2 x 54,8 inches). It is inspired by company Easy Food in Denmark. This Puzzle symbolizes the human resource policy (HR) in this industrial company.

The original is already sold but you can still buy a [Read More...]

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100+ Free Printable Sudoku’s


As requested by a reader of this blog just another link to more than 100+ printable Sudoku’s for free in pdf format.

Available in levels Easy, Medium and Hard. For the ones how love to solve Sudoku’s online for free just click here to visit the online Sudoku pages of

There are twelve Sudoku puzzles to solve, from very easy to very hard, each giving away a letter of the 12-character password that gets you to see the congratulations message. Happy Puzzling!


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