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70 Free Printable Sudoku Puzzles


Another quick link to a 12 page printable pdf version (pfd no longer available) of 70 Sudoku’s for all Sudoku lovers published by the

There are different kind of Sudoku’s like classic Sudoku, killer Sudoku’s, poly Sudoku’s, diagonal Sudoku’s, odd/even Sudoku’s and 147 Sudoku’s including all solutions.

So for everyone with a passion for Sudoku puzzles there are at least a few nice Sudoku’s to solve. Happy Puzzling!


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Solve Puzzle of 15 and win an iPod


Moon Valley released a PDA version of puzzle of 15 also known as Sliding game. Update: competition ended, you can find another Puzzle Of 15 version for your PDA)

You can download the PDA software for free and an iPod will be given away each month to the contestant who can solve the puzzle in the least amount of moves. The software includes different variation of Puzzle of 15 like Puzzle of 8 and Puzzle of 24.

For each puzzle there are prizes to win. Winners of the Puzzle of 8 receive an iPod Shuffle, winners of [Read More...]

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Solve Hexa Puzzles Online


At Puzzle It you can solve several online puzzles. The Hexa Puzzle is the one I liked most and looks much easier than it seems.

You only have to place 12 different shaped puzzle into a hexagon (explanation of a hexagon). You can rotate (X-key) and flip (Z-key) all puzzle pieces to solve the puzzle. This puzzle will keep you online for a while. Happy Puzzling!


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Hooked on Katamino


The last days were pretty busy at work, but I found some time to start with the birthday present Katamino from last weekend.

The first Katamino solutions for Penta 3 and Penta 4 [pdf format 280kb] I solved very quickly if I may say so, although it costs me still a lot of time to pick the correct Pentaminos (puzzle pieces are called Pentaminos) before starting to solve each puzzle.

At this moment looking for the right Pentaminos cost me more time than solving each puzzle but I know [Read More...]

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Katamino Luxe – Birthday present


Last weekend I received a birthday present although my birthday was already two weeks ago.

The present is a wooden puzzle called Katamino Luxe. It consist of 12 different shapes of wood which are also made of different kinds of wood and therefore different colors. They are called Pentaminos.

The puzzle is solid and looks very nice, this puzzle will last forever (which I can not say for my Sudoku Cube). The are you can use to play on the board game can be made bigger while you get from one level (called pentas) to [Read More...]

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Puzzle Floor – Solid Hardwood Flooring


Puzzle Floor™ is a premium quality hardwood floor which creates a special environment in every room you want and for sure it will surprise your visitors.

The solid hardwood flooring components really are as they appear, pre-finished, precision fit jigsaw puzzle pieces.

According to Puzzle Floor™, the two individual patterns interlock quickly and easily to create a floor that’s durable, easy to care for and fun and are available in 13 colors.

More information about Puzzle Floor™ is available on the Puzzle Floor™ website Update : Website does not longer exist.

Update :  Make your own wooden jigsaw floor : [Read More...]

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Kaleidoscope Classic – Puzzle Game


This weekend I received an article from a Dutch newspaper about a new puzzle called Kaleidoscope Classic.

It’s a variant of Tangram and a jigsaw puzzle, developed by an Australian and Dutch professor. All you’ve got is a square chess board and 18 pieces of different size and shape.

You have to form different shapes with the puzzle pieces like a flower or a dog. With the puzzle also a book is included which explains how to play the game and also gives you tips and tricks.

You can play Kaleidoscope Classic alone but also with two or three persons. It will be on the Dutch market from the beginning of June and will cost around 25 Euro’s. More information can be found on The Kaleidoscope Classic website.

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