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Sudoku Generator


Jaap Scherphuis has a huge collection of puzzle collection and solution on Jaap’s Puzzle Page.

For the real Sudoku lovers he wrote an application to generate random Sudoku Puzzles, with all kind of options like difficulty, explanation of the solution, solution Code etc..

For those who want to create their on Sudoku’s at any level this is the Sudoku tool for you. Happy Puzzling!


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3 x 3 cube


This is one of the puzzles I found on the web (I can’t recall the website otherwise I would have mentioned it). The objective is to create a 3 by 3 cube with all seven pieces (five of them are exactly the same. Can you find the solution ?

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The Colossal Book of Short Puzzles and Problems


While looking for new puzzle books I found a very interesting puzzle book called The Colossal Book of Short Puzzles and Problems at

Just reading the customer reviews made me order this book. Some of the comments: “No amateur or expert math lover should be without this indispensable volume …” “What a great collection of puzzles. Anyone who likes puzzles SHOULD own this.” “…Every puzzle-lover should have it for hours of fun.”

Some puzzle books have just a bit extra to enjoy your passion for puzzles. If you are also interested in this [Read More...]

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Happy Cube – Puzzle Game


To complete my puzzle collection online I still had to make a picture of a solved Happy Cube (also known as Snafooz or Wirrel Warrel).

For some extra information to add I found the site Happy Cube with a new collection of Happy Cubes, solution and even software you can download which helps you to solve Happy Cube.

For me a new lovely puzzle experience with an old puzzle. You can buy Happy Cube / Snafooz at PuzzleMaster Inc.. Happy Puzzling!

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ConSlide Puzzle Games


ConSlide puzzles on the web are a redesigned type of sliding block puzzles invented by M. Oskar van Deventer.

The objective of the ConSlide puzzle is to move the red block marked with a “1″ to the upper left corner by moving the pieces just like regular sliding block puzzles, but some of the pieces are connected by bars of different heights. This means pieces can pass over or under one another as long as the bars and posts do not run into each other.

The complete set of rules you can find at the website where you [Read More...]

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Puzzle Classics – Puzzle Book


In my puzzle collection I have also some lovely puzzle books, but most of the time they show the same puzzles from many years ago over and over again.

Puzzle Classics is different. It shows also the old puzzles but it will surprise you with some brand new original ideas.

Let this puzzle book also surprise you and relight your passion and love for puzzles. You can buy the New Puzzle Classics from Amazon. Happy Puzzling!

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Shaping Minds with Puzzles


Children are fascinated with puzzles from an early age on.

When I was young one of my teachers put a Tangram puzzle on the table and all children started to puzzle and tried to create the shapes with the Tangram pieces.

Barbara White wrote an article about the added educational value for children in all types of jigsaw puzzles. Happy Puzzling!

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