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FlipSide Exciting Brainteaser Puzzle by Thinkfun


A new puzzle from ThinkFun will be added to my collection soon. When I receive FlipSide I will write a review about it as soon as possible.

FlipSide is a Flipping, sliding brainteaser challenge. It is the latest in ThinkFuns’ line of exciting brainteasers, it’s one of their most unique single-player challenges yet. The object is easy: Line up the number tiles from zero to nine. Slide the rows to move the tiles then flip the cylinder to reverse the top and bottom numbers. Catch is, six of the ten numbers reverse at one time. This flipping, [Read More...]

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Click Drag Type 3 – Online Puzzle Game


Click Drag Type 3 is a Flash Puzzle which kept me puzzled for hours. If you like this kind of puzzles, than this is one for you.

With almost no instructions you have to solve 15 levels. There is a walkthrough for Click Drag Type 3 available if you are really stuck, but for me that is just really last resort. Okay I have to admit that I had a look there for level 14. Happy Puzzling!


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Glyph – Most Beautiful Puzzle Game


The year’s most beautiful puzzle game is now available. A month ago I already wrote an article about the option to pre-order Glyph. Astraware and Sandlot Games are excited to announce the release of Glyph for Palm OS and Windows Mobile for Pocket PC and Smartphone.

Save the dying world of Kuros by reassembling ancient glyphs hidden beneath layers of rock and glistening stones. Using stylus or buttons, clear groups of like-colored gemstones to break through the layers of rock and reveal the glyphs. Several different types of power-up will aid you in your task. Progress through 5 elemental [Read More...]

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RoboBlitz on Xbox Live Arcade


RoboBlitz has popped up on Xbox Live Arcade, offering you 19 levels of physics-based puzzle-solving and a bit of action in the latest Unreal Engine.

It costs 1200 Microsoft points (GBP 10.20 / EUR 13.96 / US$ 18.50), making it the joint most expensive Live Arcade game there is, but there’s a demo version at least so you can help make your mind up. It all weighs in at 49.32MB.

A quick first impression? Well, you roll around your factory home trying to set up the local space cannon to wipe out some pesky space pirates, and it looks very [Read More...]

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Dekses Puzzle for Palm


There is a new free puzzle game for Palm OS devices. It is called Dekses and will definitely make your mind working.

“Dekses” is a puzzle game with 3 game modes, the idea is to follow and right number order and move the digits it their correct places. Dekses is a variant of the well known 15 puzzle game. It has also included 3 bonus games and they are 15 puzzle, Lights out and Flip.

Dekses is available for free download at Freeware Palm site. Happy Puzzling!

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Jewel Of Atlantis – Online Puzzle Game


Enjoy underwater adventures in action-puzzle game that blends between match-3 and breakout genres.

Jewel of Atlantis is a new and exciting action puzzle which combines match-3 mechanics with breakout-style game play mayhem. In this game you explore just uncovered ancient continent in search of valuable treasures and Relics.

There is huge map available for your exploration with number of various roads and pathways to travel. Sink below the deep sea to witness exciting adventures in mystical places like Sacred Temple, Ship Wreck, and Sunken Volcano by yourself! You can download a trial version of Jewel Of [Read More...]

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20,000 Slitherlink Puzzles for Free


At mindgames you can download for free a program to play and solve Slitherlink puzzles. Also you can download 20,000 slitherlink puzzles for free.

The Slitherlink program helps you solve existing Slitherlink puzzles as well as create new ones. Slitherlink (also known as Fences, Dotty Dilemma and Loop the Loop) is a logic puzzle played on a rectangular lattice of dots. Some of the squares formed by the dots have numbers 0 to 3 inside them.

The objective is to connect horizontally and vertically adjacent dots so that the lines form a single loop with no loose ends. In addition, [Read More...]

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