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Mirror Puzzle


Puzzles can be a lot of fun to assemble, but after all the excitement of putting it together, the picture is always the same.

Enter the Mirror Puzzle: Instead of an unchanging static image, the Mirror Puzzle displays an image of whatever happens to be reflected at the moment – use it as a centerpiece or experiment with thousands of other possibilities.

Next to that I also think it is much more difficult to put this puzzle together because any reference is missing. Mirror Puzzle comes with a Lucite top (acrylic glass) and base, is designed by Tobias Wong and [Read More...]

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Money Maze Puzzle


Money Maze is one of the most infuriatingly addictive puzzles in history according to Fire Box.

Money maze looks a bit like a transparent Borg starship and is a puzzle with a highly amusing twist. The idea is to put money, tickets, gift vouchers or any other paper-based pressie inside and laugh as recipients go nuts trying to get at their gift.

They are not telling you how to solve Money Maze but it involves maneuvering a steel ball through a maze by tilting the cube. If you think that sounds easy, it is not.

Indeed, putting pressies inside Money [Read More...]

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Lunch Time – Rube Goldberg Machine


At they wrote an article about an online Rube Goldberg Puzzle called Lunch Time. Rube is famous for his special designed machines and therefor they are also known as Rube Goldberg Machines.

A Rube Goldberg machine or device is any exceedingly complex apparatus that performs a very simple task in a very indirect and convoluted way. Rube devised such pataphysical devices. The best examples of his machines have an anticipation factor: the fact that something so wacky is happening can only be topped by it happening in a suspenseful manner.

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Splash Back – Online Puzzle Game


Splash Back is really a monster of an online puzzle game.

The rules are simple, you start with ten drops in your tank and use them to grow blobs until they burst. When they burst drops will be added to blobs around the burst blobs and this is how you can start a chain reaction.

Happy puzzling with Splash Back and leave a comment to share the maximum number of levels you reached. Happy Puzzling!


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DIY – Paper Rubik’s Cube


Dror Vomberg made a pure paper cube fully functional Rubik’s cube completely from paper, although it is not the first twisty puzzle build from paper a card-box Dino cube by Robert Webb was the first twisty puzzle from paper. But a fully working paper Rubik’s Cube is quite unique.

Dror is a specialist in blindfolded solving the 3x3x3, 4x4x4 and 5x5x5 Rubik’s cube, and he combined his hobby Rubik’s cube and paper sculpturing to make this fully functional paper Rubik’s cube. Via Flying-pig. Happy Puzzling!

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Bloktonik – Online Puzzle Game


A new online  puzzle game addiction has arrived and is called Bloktonik. It has already been available around the world as game for mobile phones. You can now play Bloktonik online for free in this new, deluxe version!

Blocks come raining in from 4 directions (north, east, south and west) and it is your job to land them on the central cluster, based on the direction they’re falling in! Chain four same-colored blocks together to remove them and level-up. If you disconnect blocks from the central cluster you will get even more points. There are also various “Tech [Read More...]

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Ouverture Facile – Riddle Game


Ouverture Facile (French for Easy Opening) is a flash riddle game with a growing difficulty. Each level has to be solved to access the next one and what you learn in a riddle might be useful later in other levels.

The game doesn’t really end as new levels are added when the creator of this puzzle has new ideas. Ouverture Facile (update: website does not work anymore) was already launched in June 2005 and features 92 French levels (November 2006), Puzzles are translating from French to English, so if you reach the “Work in progress” page, be patient because the [Read More...]

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