Money Maze Puzzle

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Money Maze is one of the most infuriatingly addictive puzzles in history according to Fire Box.

Money maze looks a bit like a transparent Borg starship and is a puzzle with a highly amusing twist. The idea is to put money, tickets, gift vouchers or any other paper-based pressie inside and laugh as recipients go nuts trying to get at their gift.

They are not telling you how to solve Money Maze but it involves maneuvering a steel ball through a maze by tilting the cube. If you think that sounds easy, it is not.

Indeed, putting pressies inside Money Maze is infinitely more amusing than slipping a few notes in a birthday card.

Flummoxed recipients might be tempted to take the direct approach and smash Money Maze to smithereens with a heavy object. But then they’d be unable to use it again. And that would be a shame because as well as being a brilliant way to give money, tokens and tickets. Happy Puzzling! Via and available at Firebox and will cost you £11.95.

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