No-Kone Puzzle: Takoron for Wii

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Game maker Compile Heart released some details on their upcoming Wii puzzle game called No-Kone Puzzle: Takoron.

In this new game you use the Wii remote to move around a 2×2 cursor and place colored octopi inside them. When you press A the octopi rotate and you can move them around into the numbered nets.

The goal is to move the same colored octopi in the net to clear them from the board. For instance if you bring five red octopi under the net numbered five you will erase them and all of the other red octopi touching the ones in the net.

Takoron is a versus puzzle game similar to the game called Puyo Pop. When you clear a group of octopi on your screen black sea urchin-like creatures appear on your opponent’s side to make life for them difficult. Compile Heart announced that No-Kone Puzzle: Takoron will be ready for a summer release in Japan. Via siliconera. Happy Puzzling!

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