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I think almost twenty years ago I got a wooden puzzle in which you had to move a metal ball from point a to b through a 2D maze. You could move the ball by controlling a frame by two axis. If you would like to solve such a puzzle online but now by controlling the frame by your mouse of arrow-keys. The object of Rolley Ball is to roll the ball off of the board.

The ball can pass through walls of the same color, but some walls are deadly depending on the color of your ball. Avoid yellow walls when your ball is red, blue when your ball is yellow, and red when your ball is blue. Hit walls hard to explode the dots for points in your proximity. In bonus levels, try to get all of the dots before exiting the board.

The game can be played with your mouse or arrow keys. Play Rolley Ball online at Dab On TV. Happy Puzzling!

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