Ball Of Whack Puzzle

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Ball of Whack is created by Roger von Oech and is the perfect creativity tool for innovators, artists, engineers, writers, students, educators and you.

The Ball of Whacks is a creative stimulant and a mental freshener which consists of 30 magnetic design blocks that can be rearranged into many shapes, including the beautiful 30-sided rhombic triacontahedron. More versatile than a puzzle and lots more than a brain teaser, there is no right or wrong way to play with it. The Ball of Whacks comes with a 96-page illustrated creativity guidebook that provides you with tips, stories, exercises, strategies, and insights into the creative process.

Each individual piece of the Ball of Whacks is a “golden ratio” rhombic pyramid. Held in place by 180 rare earth magnets, these design blocks fit together to form a perfect 30-sided rhombic triacontahedron, which is one of geometry’s most beautiful shapes. Happy Puzzling!

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