Destination: Buenos Aires – Triángulo Puzzle

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At the online web store of Museum Of Modern Art you can find some beautiful pieces of design and art. One of the design items is a Triángulo Puzzle designed by Marcelo Federico and Gonzalo Arbutti in 2000.

The Triángulo Puzzle consists of 30 small wooden triangles, 10 each of red, blue, and black, featuring slots at each corner that allow for unlimited combinations and 3-D shape creations.

The puzzle is made of 3mm MDF and non-toxic acrylic lacquer and is suitable for ages 3 and older. Triángulo Puzzle is part of “Destination: Buenos Aires”, their new limited-time product collection representing the vibrant design scene of Argentina.

Triángulo Puzzle dimensions are 3.6 x 3 x 2.6″ (h x w x l), is made in Argentina and will cost you US $36.00. Happy Puzzling!

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