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GROW is one of my favorite online puzzle games. GROW is clever and original and sometimes simple but short puzzles with a nice design and lovely music.

At Eyezmaze you can find a lot of GROW puzzle games (GROW cube, GROW RPG, GROW nano and GROW ver. 1 ver. 2 and ver. 3). GROW puzzle are a series of online puzzle games by Eyezmaze which involve adding various items into the puzzle game world.

Depending on the order of addition, previously added items will “grow” and interact with each other. To complete the game, the player must discern the correct order to finish with all the items at their ‘maximum level’, at which point the player is rewarded with an end-game animation.

GROW nano vol.2 is a cute introduction to the Grow style of playing. The only downside is that this puzzle game is too short. Happy Puzzling!

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