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Remember those movable square tiled puzzles that used to mystify you as a kid? Everyone who has experienced such a puzzle will know the feeling of delight when the puzzle takes its correct shape and you’ve finally won! Well this new addition to the gadgetshop range takes the idea one stage further;

The puzzle photo frame contains eight movable tiles that also fulfill the function of mini photo frames. The idea is that you blow your favorite picture up to 15 x 15cm and divide it into 9 pieces measuring 5 x 5cm each; then chose 8 pieces of the photo to insert under the removable film of each tile (or piece of the puzzle). And voila! You’ve turned your favorite photo into a picture puzzle.

There are hundreds of possibilities with the puzzle photo frame – you could insert a picture of a mate and give this to them as a gift, or you may simply like the tidy design of this frame and chose to show 8 different photo’s altogether! We think it’s a great idea to use the photo frame as a story board – showing pictures from your last party and what you got up to! Measurements: 24 x 24cm (individual tile: 5 x 5cm). Happy Puzzling!

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