Carol Vorderman’s Sudoku for PSP

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The PSP already has one Sudoku game – Go! Sudoku. Unfortunately, Go! Sudoku is extremely bland, and offers nothing more than you can find on the back page of your daily paper. This is unfortunate because puzzle games seem to be the selling point of hand-held consoles.

Luckily, Carol Vorderman is here to save the day with Carol Vorderman’s Sudoku. Carol Vorderman is a best-selling author and Sudoku guru. Watch as she guides you along through over 1,000,000 unique Sudoku puzzles. Sudoku experts and newbies alike will stay entertained with this title for weeks, thanks to 4 difficulty levels, multi-player action, career mode, and more.

You can get your hands on Carol Vorderman’s Sudoku via Amazon. If you want to learn some Sudoku Solving Techniques from Carol already? Check out the following Sudoku tutorial video’s on YouTube. Happy Puzzling!

Rules of Sudoku
Tips for playing Sudoku
Tips for playing Sudoku II
Tips for playing Sudoku III

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