Ice Cream Bar Puzzle

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Some people have a passion for puzzles and write about that on a blog, then others have the same passion and even another passion for food and combine both. Derrick Schneider loves as well good food (and wine) next to puzzles. On his website call An Obsession with Food he has an article about an ice cream bar shaped puzzle which I really like.

The Dovetial Bar puzzle is designed by Norman Sandfield and his brother Robert. They designed many Dovetail puzzles over the course of several years. In the Sandfield dovetails, you’re usually hunting for a hidden compartment, but in the DoveTail Bar you need to “take a bite” off the top. If you’re holding the puzzle, you can see the joint, but you’ll need to work through some steps before you can separate bar and bite.

Melissa’s setup for the photo obscures any part of the lock mechanism.
Perry used walnut and maple for this faux ice cream bar, and Norman presented the puzzle in a paper bag reminiscent of ice cream bar wrappers. Happy Puzzling!

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