Music Puzzle – Last Orbit

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Jonathan wrote me an email with a lovely puzzle. He gave me some clues and a mp3 file with a song.

By listening to the lyrics and some clues he gave you should be able to solve his puzzle. He withhold one of the clues at first because he thinks there is a chance it might makes the puzzle too easy.

Then again, it may be too difficult without it. Jonathan thinks this puzzle is more a riddle that happens to incorporate some wordplay. You can download the mp3 called Last Orbit at Low Hero DLL dot com.

The clues are:
1. There is one somewhat general topic and there are three specific entities within the general topic, the identity of all three entities will constitute a full solution.
2. It should be obvious that the numbers are significant.
3. Only the verses contain the verbiage constituting the puzzle, however the chorus and refrain are relevant (though somewhat metaphorically) to the topic of the puzzle.
4. Google is your friend on this one.
5. There are no (intentional) anagrams in the puzzle.

The lyrics:
To IVB1 and back
ask me if I’m ready to go
and I’ll tell you it’s a matter of fact
but I placed the call and Rome didn’t answer

Ellie’s lips tickle when she drinks her wine
she’s a bright 32 with plenty of time
she’s a popular thing – the first on the scene
a small face with big impact

Last orbit
can you absorb it?
circling planet curiosity
Last orbit
try not to force it
you don’t want to burn on re-entry.

If there was a sound purest of tone
and if I heard it, I wouldn’t know
After all, what would I have with which to compare?

When your force field shatters
consider darker matters
It’s all in the code
It’s a new episode

Aspire all to what is in eye view
if your vision is perfect and your aim is true
82 is distorted and I can’t ignore it
but we keep our friendship in tact
(repeat refrain and chorus)

Happy Puzzling!

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