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SommerCube 3D maze


As most designs of puzzles start with a little idea, the same applies to Michel Sommer. Also he had a little idea. A Cubical maze module: a simple three-dimensional cube with tunneling maze and a ball and to be able to stack the cubes.

However, with each additional module (transparent or opaque), the tubes link to allow a ball passage through progressively longer and exponentially more complex combinations of paths, creating varying levels of difficulty: “gymnastics for the mind”, spatial mathematical reasoning exercises.

Micheal created a reconfigurable system with different kind of modules with self explaining names like [Read More...]

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Kawasaki’s Rubik’s Cube Solving Robot


The Kawasaki heavy Industry Group delivers a vast array of cutting edge products. On May 17th, 2006, the Kawasaki Good Times World opened at Kobe Meriken Park.

This museum is showcasing Kawasaki’s origins, our more than century-long history and our products. one of the things you can watch is a Rubik’s Cube solving robot. Not as nice designed as Rubot II, but as the say functional.

At the website Kawasaki Good Time World you can watch a video with a their robot. Via the Virtual [Read More...]

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Details World Rubik’s Cube Championship 2007


The World Rubik’s Cube Championship 2007 is the 4th World Championship and will take place on October 5, 6 and 7 in Budapest, Hungary. Budapest also hosted the World Rubik’s Cube Championship in 1982, now 25 years ago.

At you can find all detailed information you need to participate, like time schedules, hotels, regulation and much more. Happy Puzzling!

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TerraClues – Online Puzzle Game


Looking for an online game that is fun, challenging yet easy to play? Then you must try TerraClues which is a brand new style of online puzzle game that makes use of the popular Google Maps technology.

The goal is to find hidden markers placed on the world map by solving a series of clues. Clues can range from simple text descriptions to actual photos of landmarks or map screen shots. You can create your own hunts for people to play as well. Just visit TerraClues and create your own login. Via digg. Happy Puzzling!

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More Bolleke Drink Coaster Puzzles


Last weekend I found two more Bolleke Beer Coaster Puzzles.

Rules for solving Bolleke Puzzles are certainly simpler than Sudoku. 1. Each row/column contains ten balls, five open and five solid balls. 2. Not more than two of the same balls (open or closed) may be next to each other horizontally and vertically. That’s all.

Here are the first and second Bolleke Puzzles I posted and their Solution (one and two).

I requested Belgian brewery De Koninck to send me the total number of Bolleke [Read More...]

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Puzzle and Sudoku Jewelry


If your a looking for a nice puzzle present or just beautiful puzzle jewelery for yourself than Newspaper Jewelry dot com offers you bracelets, brooches, earrings and cufflinks made of recyclable paper materials including newspaper, sweetener packets and loser lottery tickets.

All of the Paper is sealed and protected by a non-toxic, water-resistant coating. The jewelry are available in different categories like Crossword and Sudoku. Happy Puzzling!

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Music Puzzle – Last Orbit


Jonathan wrote me an email with a lovely puzzle. He gave me some clues and a mp3 file with a song.

By listening to the lyrics and some clues he gave you should be able to solve his puzzle. He withhold one of the clues at first because he thinks there is a chance it might makes the puzzle too easy.

Then again, it may be too difficult without it. Jonathan thinks this puzzle is more a riddle that happens to incorporate some wordplay. You can download the mp3 called Last Orbit at Low Hero DLL dot com.

The [Read More...]

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