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Andrew Shellshear’s Puzzle Competition webpage is live. He has been working on the puzzle competition with his friends, in their spare time, and it’s finally gone from a bit of fun to a full blown competition, with prizes and everything.

The first four puzzles are up, but the actual puzzle week isn’t until April – still, people can register and solve the existing puzzles before everything gets too intense (16-19 April, when the other 16 puzzles will be released four at a time). Andrew created two puzzles, and wrote the flavor text for the “Classroom” set of puzzles.

If you like puzzles, I think you’d enjoy this competition (though only Australian university students and high-school students are eligible for prizes). The four puzzle available at this moment are Alpha Ward, Artefact, Continuity and Beginnings. But be aware the sooner you solve the puzzles the higher the points you can score. Have a go, and happy puzzling!

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  1. Andrew Shellshear March 2, 2007 at 07:56

    G’day – thanks for the plug! Note that the number of points for solving puzzles doesn’t go down until the puzzle competition really starts – we want to give people a lot of time for the first set of puzzles, and don’t want to discourage people for joining late (well, not *too* late, anyway).

    So for the first set of puzzles, everyone can get full points. Lots of time. The real test comes when we start releasing the other puzzles, four a day, for four days!

  2. passionforpuzzles November 13, 2008 at 20:06

    A good puzzle competion is always worth a plug ;-)

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