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Wordoku To Go is brand new Sudoku like puzzle game for Windows Mobile based devices which as the developers say takes Sudoku to the next level.

Instead of numbers, the Sudoku puzzles are constructed using the letters of a 9 letter word. If the puzzle is done correctly, the word will be spelled across the center of the grid. Conversely, solving the anagram and entering it into the grid may help you solve the Sudoku puzzle.

Wordoku To Go has following options available: 200 puzzles with 4 difficulty levels, Save incomplete puzzles, Hints, Check for incorrect numbers or check entire puzzle, Restart puzzle, Solve puzzle, Choice of background, number and highlight colors, Eight puzzles in the trial version 200 in the full version, Free updates (more puzzles as they become available) and Complete help file.

Wordoku To Go is priced $10.00 and is available for buy and try at MobileTopSoft’s Pocket PC software archive. Note that there is a bonus available, you Receive the comparable desktop version free with your purchase. Happy Puzzling!

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