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Do you love puzzles and also like to create your own puzzles? Than please read this article (if not go to the end of the article and directly download two Bugzzle puzzles).

At Photoshoproadmap, you can find a very detailed tutorials called Create a colorful Print-and-Play puzzle for your kids with Photoshop. This five page tutorial explains how to create your own Bugzzle (also known as Triazzle and Magic Triangle). It explains how to create glossy looking shapes and text, how to add proper shadows, how to build the puzzle board and it’s pieces and how to add some finishing touches.

You can even download two complete puzzles at the end of the tutorial and make your kids happy in no time!. If you want to to buy Triazzle Puzzle please have a look at amazon dot com or just look at the two (Aquarius and Frogs) Magic Triangle puzzles in my puzzle collection. [via Lunacore]. Happy Puzzling!

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