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Elm’s Puzzle Club


Dedicated jigsaw puzzlers know nothing matches the quality (or challenge) of a real hand-cut wooden puzzle. But at about US$ 2.00 or so per piece they are outrageously expensive (a 20″ x 24″ 1000-piece puzzle can cost $3,000). ELMS Puzzles solves the dilemma by offering a rental program that lets you keep a puzzle for three months, by which time you should either be done or realize you’ve met your match.

The wooden pieces (unlike cardboard) are very exact in their fitting so you have to be very certain about having the right piece. Also, many are cut with straight [Read More...]

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TaMiGoN – Puzzle Game


TaMiGoN is a new and unique logic puzzle game for Mac OS X.

This puzzle game brings together game elements from the Chinese Tangram puzzles and mixes them with modern Action Puzzle ideas such as color and shape matching. This puzzle game is a follow up to the popular BoXiKoN game but it’s more like a ‘sister game’ than a sequel.

TaMiGoN uses a set of shapes based on the Chinese Tangram puzzle. These shapes are made up of triangles and diamonds rather than blocks.

TaMiGoN uses a set of 400 different Tangram style shapes. Happy [Read More...]

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Wooden Puzzles


A few weeks ago I was very lucky. A supermarket in The Netherlands had a special puzzle offer. Six different kind of wooden puzzles by IQ Puzzles for Euro 1.99 each (around US$ 2,60).

My brother was so kind to get them for me first thing in the morning. One of them is called Serpentex which I have in my collection already (although a little smaller).

The other five are new to my puzzle collection. Unfortunately they don’t have a name (they are now called wooden puzzle – name unknown 11 to 16), [Read More...]

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Puzz 3D – Burj Al Arab Jigsaw Puzzle


Puzz-3D is a brand of three-dimensional jigsaw puzzles manufactured by Wrebbit, Inc.

The Puzz-3D line spans replicas of several famous monuments, such as the White House, the Chrysler Building, Big Ben, and the skyline of New York City.

It has also entered into fantasy creations, like King Arthur’s castle and Star Wars spaceships, and time-period pieces, such as a country church and a Victorian mansion. There are even classic cars like the Corvette Sting Ray and the Ford Mustang.

To solve a Puzz-3D, you have to first solve small individual puzzles made out of plastic foam. Once you have all [Read More...]

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Lineage – Online Puzzle Game


Lineage is a flash puzzle game in the Japanese language.

But basically you do not need to read the Japanese to be able to play this puzzle game. Just walk through the game with the arrow keys and click on items to use them when you get them.

It is a simple puzzle game but will keep you busy for hours. Enjoy solving Lineage completely. Happy Puzzling!


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Eureka’s Yin and Yang Puzzle


Last week more puzzle were added to my puzzle collection. Six new wooden puzzles which I will write later about and one metal puzzle by Eureka Puzzle called Yin Yang Puzzle.

Well look at the picture and you will know why. As mentioned on the Eureka’s website it is easy to take it apart, although you do not want to do this too ofter otherwise you metal puzzle will be scratched and will not look that beautiful any more. If you buy this puzzle please make sure somebody else takes it apart [Read More...]

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Porolith Flash Puzzle


Porolith Flash is the latest Flash puzzle game created by Taro Ito of Gamedesign.

In this online puzzle game is based upon Tetris. The object of the games is to join blocks of the same color to make them disappear from your playfield.

The first main difference between Porolith and Tetris is that you can’t rotate the blocks that fall from the top of the screen; the second difference is that once in a while, blocks of a new color are introduced making the game more and more difficult. Via Free Game News. Happy [Read More...]

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