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NYT Crossword Puzzle At Your Google Homepage


The New York Times has created a free variation of its popular online crossword puzzle called Classic Crossword Widget, available as a Google home page personalization feature. The widget will update each Monday with a rotating selection from the Times’ Classic Crossword Archive of more than 1,000 puzzles and will introduce some enhanced functionality, including new ways to manipulate the individual puzzle cells to reveal letters.

There is no separate sponsor for the launch product, but a link under the word “advertisement” takes the user back to the banner advertisement/sponsorship that is currently running on the Games page section front of [Read More...]

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Chocolate Castle Puzzle


Chocolate Castle is a sliding block puzzle for Mac OSX.

To complete the sliding puzzle, you must clear the room of chocolate with a team of hungry little animals. There are four types of chocolate – dark, fudge, white and strawberry; and four matching types of animals to eat them with – a dog, a bear, a rabbit and a pig.

The tricky part is shifting the chocolate into large connected blocks that the animals can devour in one go. As you move through the castle, you’ll discover more puzzling trickery made from exploding Turkish delight, snakes, slippery [Read More...]

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Create Your Own Bugzzle


Do you love puzzles and also like to create your own puzzles? Than please read this article (if not go to the end of the article and directly download two Bugzzle puzzles).

At Photoshoproadmap, you can find a very detailed tutorials called Create a colorful Print-and-Play puzzle for your kids with Photoshop. This five page tutorial explains how to create your own Bugzzle (also known as Triazzle and Magic Triangle). It explains how to create glossy looking shapes and text, how to add proper shadows, how to build the puzzle board and itís [Read More...]

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