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Cubespective Online Puzzle Game


Cubespective is a flash puzzle cube game that much fun. See if you can find the cube set that matches the profiles.

Instructions: click on the cube that would create the front, side and top view in the goal column. The selected cube’s profiles will show in the current column.

You can play Cubespective online via Happy Puzzling!


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Arctic Quest for Mac


In Arctic Quest for Mac you are to use your quick wits to stop the coming of a new ice age.

The malicious Snow King has chained tropical islands into a solid ice and you must not let him expand his ice kingdom. Find a way to his palace and break the mighty spell solving 60 absorbing inlay puzzles and bringing back the warmth to every island.

You will enjoy the superb visuals and a variety of bonuses in a fascinating puzzle-solving entertainment. You can download Artic Quest for free at Happy Puzzling!


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G3ODE Puzzle Game


The G3ODE is a mind-bending software-based puzzle with a 3D graphical interface. The puzzle is a polyhedron with tiles covering all facets but one. Each tile has two distinctively colored sides. Any of the 3 tiles adjacent to the empty facet can be flipped into that space.

In color-only mode, the puzzle is solved when all tiles are flipped such that the surface of the puzzle is all one color. In decal mode, similar to a jigsaw, the puzzle is solved when all tiles are arranged such that the image is reconstituted on the surface of the puzzle.

You can download [Read More...]

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Hyper Frame Flash Puzzle


Via Digg I found another addictive flash puzzle called Hyper Frame and is developed by Richard Smith.

I already wrote about a similar Flash puzzle game called Crazy Cube before. Object is to connect two same colored markers without crossing lines. The game starts easy but later in the game more coloreds are added.

Personally I think the game play is very intuitive and the cube moves very natural while moving your mouse. Instructions for Hyper Frame are easy: Use the left mouse button to connect two same-colored markers. Happy [Read More...]

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Bram Cohen on Rubik’s Cube


Via Atomic Public Relations I found an article with Bram Cohen (co-founder/CEO of BitTorent) about Rubik’s Cube.

In the first video Bram explains why people always want to solve Rubik’s Cube, while solving Rubik’s Cube himself. In the second video Bram talks about his own large collection of Rubik’s Cubes and other twisty puzzles.

Next to that he is developing a number of advanced puzzle designs. Well just wait until Bram’s best puzzle is in the stores. Happy Puzzling!

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Inversion Puzzle


The Inversion Puzzle I found from Puzzle Master is a variant of Peter’s Black Hole. Difference is that the cubes in Peter’s Black Hole are trapped in a frame in which there are 26 cubes. In the Inversion Puzzle there are three axis which keep the 19 cubes together.

The Inversion Puzzle will turn you upside down before you can turn it inside out. Each cube of the Inversion Puzzle consists of blue and red faces. By sliding one cube at a time, the player attempts to conceal the red faces while revealing the hidden [Read More...]

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US Sudoku Championship set for Philadelphia


In several media you could already read the announcement about the Sudoku Championship 2007 in the US.

The Philadelphia Inquirer announced it will hold the first national Sudoku championship in the fall at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. The championship, October 19-21, will be hosted by puzzle master Will Shortz and will be open to a national and international field of contestants for beginner, intermediate and advanced categories.

In addition to a spot on the U.S. World Sudoku Team, the advanced level winner will receive $10,000 plus expenses paid for travel and accommodations to the World Sudoku Championship in India. The [Read More...]

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