80 Online Levels of Rush Hour

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Thanks to an email of Fred Vonk you can play 80 levels of Rush Hour online for free. This is an online version of the famous puzzle game Rush Hour by Thinkfun (formally known as Binary Arts).

Your object is to free the red car from the grid by moving the other cars and trucks out of the way. This online version of Rush Hour has eighty different games implemented from the original card sets 1 & 2. The best thing about this online puzzle game is that you can select a card set and a game level (Intermediate, Advanced, Expert and Grand Master) in the overview at the bottom and solve the level you want. Also the minimum required moves per game are indicated together with your score and total. Enjoy Rush Hour, this is much better than being in real life rush hour. Happy Puzzling!

Update : There are two Rush Hour versions available for iPhone via Apple’s App Store. Rush Hour FREE has 80 challenges to solve, and Rush Hour 99CENT has a pulse-pounding 2,500 challenges, from EASY to EXPERT. Happy Puzzling!

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