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Logic puzzle fans of Minesweeper and Slither Link will enjoy Count Out, the latest Flash puzzle design from Wouter Visser, author of PLANned.

The rules of Count Out are simple to understand: derive the locations of all the golden squares on the board from the numbers given. The number on a square represents the count of how many golden squares are adjacent to that square, horizontally and/or vertically only.

Click on a square to turn it gold; click again to minimize it indicating that it cannot be a golden square. By turning all the correct squares gold and minimizing all others, the game will automatically tell you if the puzzle has been solved. If you get no such indication, then keep trying.

Choose between 6×6, 8×8, and 10×10 puzzle sizes depending on how ambitious you’re feeling. Every puzzle is randomly generated with each one offering a fresh new challenge. [via Jay is Games]. Happy Puzzling!

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