G3ODE Puzzle Game

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The G3ODE is a mind-bending software-based puzzle with a 3D graphical interface.
The puzzle is a polyhedron with tiles covering all facets but one. Each tile has two distinctively colored sides. Any of the 3 tiles adjacent to the empty facet can be flipped into that space.

In color-only mode, the puzzle is solved when all tiles are flipped such that the surface of the puzzle is all one color. In decal mode, similar to a jigsaw, the puzzle is solved when all tiles are arranged such that the image is reconstituted on the surface of the puzzle.

You can download G3ODE puzzle game via the G3ODE website [100k] and install on your computer (XP). It’s a small but interesting puzzle with easy user interface. Happy Puzzling! [via su.doku.es]

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