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Spring Sudoku Special


The Times Online has a special again with a lot of different Sudoku Puzzles (Classic, Children, Super Fiendish and Killer Sudoku’s).

On the front is a special Sudoku puzzles, that the teams in the World Sudoku Championships were solving. To solve this variant of Sudoku you have to place a digit from 1 to 9 into each triangular cell, so that it appears once in each outlined shape, and in one horizontal and two diagonal directions (jumping any gaps).

You can find more information and a link to download the Spring Sudoku Special (pfd format) [Read More...]

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Capsules Online Puzzle Game


Capsules is a Flash Puzzle game with 240 levels (updated). All the levels are designed by the collaborative work of members.

The puzzles can be quite frustrating, sometimes hard to solve or time consuming. Luckily there are tips available if you can not solve a level.

Rules are simple : The rules are simple : grab all the blue capsules and avoid the red ones. Enjoy Capsules. Happy Puzzling!


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Puzzle Dinner Tray for Kids


Stop playing with your food! Royal VKB has a puzzle dinner tray for children designed by Wendy Boudewijns which has a Red Dot Design Award.

Eating becomes a fun activity for children with this puzzle dinner tray. At Royal VKB, they like children to become familiar with the correct table setting as early as possible. Puzzle Tray allows them to learn this in an enjoyable and amusing way via a puzzle.

Puzzle Dinner Tray is made of melamine and includes a large spoon, fork, knife, small spoon, cup, plate, and a [Read More...]

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Lego Puzzles in Action


When it comes to Lego puzzles, Maarten Steurbaut is one of the famous persons building puzzles using Lego bricks.

Next to his working version of Rubik’s Cube completely built with Lego, Maarten has also built other puzzles with Lego. Like a Lego version of a wooden Cube, wooden Sphere, wooden Knot, Japanese Crystal.

Maarten also creates Lego mosaics and Logo with Lego. Most pictures on his website of Lego puzzles are created with special CAD program called, ML CAD, for creating Lego like building instructions of your own [Read More...]

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Tasty Rubik’s Cube Cake


What do you do when there is a competition for baking a cake and you are a fan of Rubik’s Cube? You bake a Rubik’s Cake, that’s what James Kemp did.

But it isn’t that easy, as the prize would be awarded on presentation, creativity and taste you have to do more than just bake a cake. Each layer or Rubik’s cake has to be perfectly square, for best presentation Rubik’s cube should be show in action and how to make colored tiles. The complete recipe including pictures of making Rubik’s Cake can be found at Pimp That Snack.

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Number Maze – The New Sudoku ?


Yesterday I received an email from Mike Reilly who invents puzzles. The latest one is called Number Maze and can be found via his website at a special Number Maze website. As Mike calls it, Number Maze is a Sudoku-like maze puzzle that uses the number pattern from a clock face, one through twelve.

Players must link these numbers in either direction clockwise or counter clockwise through the maze to solve the puzzle according to the rules.

RULES 1. Place any number, from 1 to 12, in each square of the [Read More...]

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Play Slitherlink Online


Via Jay Is Games I found a link to a Flash version of Slitherlink (Slitherlink is also known as Loop The Loop, Fences and Dotty Dilemma).

A long time ago I wrote already about one of my favorite puzzles and how I got my first Slitherlink puzzle book in Japanese and even without any write instructions (ok in Japanese) and some visual instructions I managed to solve the puzzles.

The rules of Slitherlink are simple: 1. Connect dots with vertical / horizontal line and make ONE loop. 2. Numbers are the hints to know how many [Read More...]

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