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Via Jay Is Games I found a link to a Flash version of Slitherlink (Slitherlink is also known as Loop The Loop, Fences and Dotty Dilemma).

A long time ago I wrote already about one of my favorite puzzles and how I got my first Slitherlink puzzle book in Japanese and even without any write instructions (ok in Japanese) and some visual instructions I managed to solve the puzzles.

The rules of Slitherlink are simple:
1. Connect dots with vertical / horizontal line and make ONE loop.
2. Numbers are the hints to know how many lines can be drawn around it. There may be any number of lines around cells without number.
3. Lines cannot be crossed or branch off.

In Luke Harrison’s version of slitherlink you can solve 75 Slitherlink puzzles in three different levels (easy, normal and hard). You can place a line by clicking with your left mouse button, and you may place crosses to mark segments with the combination [space] + left mouse click.

To help you solve Slitherlink puzzles you can also find some strategies at Passion for Puzzles to solve Slitherlink puzzles and Puzzler also added in the comments of a previous post about Slitherlink some links to other websites where you can play Slitherlink online. Happy Puzzling!

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