Rubik’s Cube Delta Ball

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Rubik’s Cube Delta Ball, is the latest in the Rubik’s puzzle collection.

The Spherical shaped puzzle consists of colored triangle shaped sliding pieces and as far I can see on some pictures I found on the internet each piece has also a number on it.

According to Jumbo (a Dutch company who sells Rubik’s Cube Delta Ball) there are different objectives, some for starters which are easy to solve and more difficult ones to solve. Rubik’s Cube Delta Ball is invented by Marc Wittevrongel and his son from Belgium. Although the spherical design is not new, the different puzzles included are.

At this moment the Rubik’s Cube Delta Ball is not even mentioned on the official Rubik’s website and as far as I could find on the internet Rubik’s Cube Delta Ball is only available in The Netherlands and Germany. Probably the rest of the world has to wait for the latest Rubik’s Puzzle. Rubik’s Cube Delta Ball will cost you Euro 13 in The Netherlands (around US$ 17.50). Happy Puzzling!

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  1. Derrick May 17, 2007 at 14:52

    I’ve seen it at a store in Oakland, Dr. Comics and Mr. Games. Yes, there are numbers on the tiles, and there are a range of puzzle possibilities, from easy to hard.

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