Tasty Rubik’s Cube Cake

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What do you do when there is a competition for baking a cake and you are a fan of Rubik’s Cube? You bake a Rubik’s Cake, that’s what James Kemp did.

But it isn’t that easy, as the prize would be awarded on presentation, creativity and taste you have to do more than just bake a cake. Each layer or Rubik’s cake has to be perfectly square, for best presentation Rubik’s cube should be show in action and how to make colored tiles. The complete recipe including pictures of making Rubik’s Cake can be found at Pimp That Snack.

James Kemp won the competition beating 11 other cakes. At the end they were all auctioned off for charity and someone bought Rubik’s Cake for £20 (Euro 30 / US$ 40) and then shared out to everyone in the pub. Happy Puzzling!

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