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You probably never heard of Joe Barzantny, but his work is world famous. Joe amazed already at an early stage in his life his parents and friends with his very organized and artistic displays all over the floors or on tabletops.

In his young primary years, Joey’s teachers kept bringing to his mom’s attention that her son scored so high on maze testing that he was off the charts. He also placed high in analytical/mathematical/spatial tests. And this came despite the fact that he exhibited signs of attention deficit disorder, being easily distracted and having difficulty concentrating. He was a power load of physical energy. In light of this, and knowing how much Joe loved to throw himself into maze books and find the answers in a zip, Irene encouraged Joey to make his own mazes. Alas, Joey’s first mazes were born, and he found his happy niche.

What completely astonished everyone was his uncanny knack for making his creations impulsively, before one’s eyes, in only minutes. Not to mention the artful grace of his lines and his perspective eye for the use of space…and each drawing had its own crafted puzzle! It truly spelled amazement.

Joe’s most complex maze, which he really put his heart into, was what would become his most popular one and the most published, “The Brain Maze”. This fortuitous, gravitating maze was manufactured on a Sunday afternoon when he was eight and a half years old. On and off, between his ups and downs, it took him approximately one and a half hours of maze time. Significantly, this magnificent maze, along with the “Brain Teaser” were the only ones he made that had the solution inside the maze itself. (All of Joe’s other mazes have only one solution, which is typically found by an outside exit.)

If you want to read more about Joe’s truly amazing story please visit You can also find there some free printable pdf versions of his amazing mazes and you can also buy beautiful mazes online. Happy Puzzling!

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