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No right answer or winning move, Nueve is designed solely to artfully amuse and entertain. Unlike traditional puzzles or games with only one solution or outcome, Nueve offers countless beginnings and endings. Nueve’s set of handcrafted wooden cubes can be assembled in any combination to create billions of different patterns (68, 719, 476, 736 possible combinations). There is not right answer or winning move. Nueve is designed solely to liberate your perception, challenge your creativity and delight your soul.

Nueve is made of hardwood and silk-screened in red, the nine cubes are held in a black MDF tray. Each cube is 1 3/8″ square, comfortable for both kids and adults. Handsomely presented in a gift box (6 x 6″), Nueve will be appreciated by the curious and creatively spirited. Nueve is designed by NewArtifacts, a group of artists, designers, and entrepreneurs from Uruguay. The Nueve Puzzle is available from Amazon. Happy Puzzling!

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