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Sudomind – Cross between Sudoku and Mastermind


Creative Pocket has launched Sudomind, a fantastic game that is a cross between Sudoku and the venerable Mastermind.

Like in Sudoku, the aim of the game is to fill a grid with pieces according to some rule; but there is an additional problem: you don’t know the rule! So, like in Mastermind you will have to guess the secret rule by observing the moves accepted or refused by the program.

The pieces can have different shapes, colors and numbers; and the secret rule randomly uses one of these features and involves the lines, columns or squares from the grid. At [Read More...]

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Vanessa Hudgens’ Starts Rubik’s Revolution


High School musical star Vanessa Hudgens starts a Rubik’s Cube Revolution at Toy’s ‘R’ Us at Time square USA.

Vanessa Hudgens and her father unveil 21st Century Rubik’s Cube and lead in-store Cube Contests at the center of the Toy Universe on Father’s Day Weekend. There is also a private autograph signing for first 400 guests who purchase Rubik’s Revolution.

WHO: Vanessa Hudgens, solo recording artist and star of High School Musical and High School Musical 2; Techno Source, creator of Rubik’s Revolution; and Toys ‘R’ Us Times Square

WHAT: Vanessa Hudgens brings her father, Greg Hudgens, to Toys “R” [Read More...]

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Online Multiplayer Tangram – Online Puzzle Game

Tangramz has a nice link to Tangramz, an online multiplayer version of the original Chinese game Tangram.

Tangramz offers you the possibility to play this online Flash version of Tangram against other people. You have to compete to create figures with Tangram with all seven Tangram pieces.

The first levels is with one complete Tangram set but later on in the game you have to use two sets of Tangram pieces. Game play is easy, just drop the Tangram pieces to the right place in the figure(s) shown above. Happy puzzling!


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The Missing Piece


If you love Jigsaw Puzzles and the movie Pulp Fiction than you will love this Pulp Fiction Jigsaw Puzzle of 513 pieces.

Everything falls into place with this jigsaw puzzle, featuring four imagined pulp novel covers riddled with a designer’s vocabulary: Curse of the Watermark, The Typographer’s Widow, Max Resolution and the Quest for Clarity, and Zoom Into Negative Space.

Enjoy this Pulp Fiction puzzlement via This products cannot be shipped outside of North America and costs you $ 12 USD. Happy Puzzling!

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Loose the Moose – Escape The Room


Loose the Moose is the latest point-and-click / escape-the-room puzzle game by game designer Bart Bonte and just released.

As with most other games like it, the premise is a simple one: you’re in a room, you need to get out. You will have to be observant and think logically to solve puzzles that lead you to your escape.

If you get stuck, there will be help provided in the comments before long. Perhaps even a walk-through for those that get lost along the way. Loose the Moose can be found at Bart Bonte’s website from [Read More...]

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Add ‘em Up Flash Puzzle


Blue Bug Games offers you some smart puzzle games. One of them is the Flash puzzle game “Add ‘em Up”.

Object is to place your numbered tile (on the top of the list on the rights) on the board so that all surrounding tiles add up to that value. If the value is more than 9 you only take the last figure into account (so 14 will be 4). If they add up, the tiles will be removed. The goal is to clear all of the tiles from the board. There is a classic mode where you have to clear [Read More...]

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How To Solve Any Sudoku Video


At I found a video called “Tips on how to solve any Sudoku puzzle”, Posted by kimberlyredcup22.

The video describe how to solve any Sudoku puzzle with the use of Excel or any other spreadsheet program. There is only one mistake they made at the end (around 1m34 they remove the a nine in one of the cells in the upper right square (3×3), and also the nine in the corresponding row and column, but they forget to remove the nine in the other cells in the upper right square.

The video visualize at least how this [Read More...]

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