Sudomind – Cross between Sudoku and Mastermind

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Creative Pocket has launched Sudomind, a fantastic game that is a cross between Sudoku and the venerable Mastermind.

Like in Sudoku, the aim of the game is to fill a grid with pieces according to some rule; but there is an additional problem: you don’t know the rule! So, like in Mastermind you will have to guess the secret rule by observing the moves accepted or refused by the program.

The pieces can have different shapes, colors and numbers; and the secret rule randomly uses one of these features and involves the lines, columns or squares from the grid. At the beginning of each game, Sudomind chooses a new random rule.

There are four different levels ranging from Beginner, where there is only one simple rule to guess, to Master where there are 3 simultaneous rules.

Give it a try and download the free demo version available at Sudomind works on all devices (PDA or Smartphone) with any kind of screen size or orientation (Portrait, Landscape or Square) running Windows Mobile 2003 or Windows Mobile 5. (It also works on PocketPC 2000/2002 with the .net compact framework installed). [via]. Happy Puzzling!

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