The Hidden Logic of Sudoku

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The Hidden Logic of Sudoku, a book by Denis Berthier, provides stimulating new insights into the popular game. It proposes new graphical representations and new resolution rules. Additionally, it sets new standards of rigor in the approach to Sudoku.

The “Hidden Logic of Sudoku” provides the first systematic perspective of the logical symmetries of the popular game. These are fully exploited to define new graphical representations, new kinds of resolution rules and a precedence ordering of the rules consistent with their logical complexity.

The set of rules defined in the book is illustrated with a hundred of puzzles together with their full resolution paths. It suffices to solve almost any puzzle without making guesses or assuming the uniqueness of a solution. It has been fed into an Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine and a large database of puzzles has been processed, leading to a precise evaluation of the efficiency of each rule.

The book is intended for both advanced Sudoku players (who will discover many new facets of the game and a new, systematic approach to the resolution rules) and for teachers or students of Logic or AI (who will appreciate the strict logical foundations).

The Hidden Logic of Sudoku has been published by and will cost you US$ 36.65 [via eMediaWire]

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