The New York Times Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle

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This is the custom jigsaw puzzle created for you when you select any inclusive date from 1888 to 2001 from the front page of the New York Times.

A 400-piece jigsaw puzzle kit is created from quality 1.5mm millboard and delivered in a gift box that includes an area for a personalized message, or if shipped directly as a gift to a recipient, your message will appear on an included slip .

The center piece of each puzzle is shaped like an open newspaper, and the completed puzzle reproduces the page to the approximate size of the original at 18 1/2″ H x 12 1/4″ W. (1 lb.) and will cost you US$ 49.95 [via]

If you like to read more about jigsaw puzzle please read our jigsaw puzzle page. Happy Puzzling!

Update : Front Page New York Times Jigsaw Puzzle is now also available via The New York Times Store;

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