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Jigscale Online Puzzle Game


Jigscale is a new puzzle concept by tallhatDesign. This is a new flash puzzle game where you have to fill a grid of 6×6 with different colored shapes, which you have to rotate and/or to re-size to complete the puzzle.

Game play is easy but the puzzle can be tricky to solve. Drag the shapes to the grid and click rotate of re-size if you want to perform one of those actions to the selected shape. There are just three Jigscale levels but I really hope the number of levels will increase [Read More...]

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Jigsaw World Record Attempt


John Lawrence started The Big Jig to launch and support his World Record attempt to create the world’s largest Jigsaw Puzzle, according to the guidelines as laid down by Guinness World Records.

A huge amount of planning and organisation is required for a record attempt like this, therefor this will be a costly event. You can help John to succeed in this record attempt and also help at the same time Charity. You can buy puzzle pieces (bricks) or help to put all 60,000 pieces together. This will be a public event which will probably in London UK.

If you [Read More...]

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100 printable sudoku puzzles for free


Just a link to the sofotex website where you can download a zip file with 100 printable Sudoku puzzles in pdf format for free. There are Sudoku’s vary in grid size from 4×4 to 16×16 and in difficulty from very easy to very hard. The Sudoku puzzles come from where you can create your own pfd files with Sudoku puzzles. Happy puzzling !


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Sam Loyd’s Puzzles


Today I received an email from the Sam Loyd Company about the update of their Sam Loyd’s website which is now completely in flash and offers two puzzles next to Sam Loyd’s Get Off the Earth Puzzle Commemorative Edition.

At their new website you can find two new puzzles ‘Trick Donkeys’ and ‘The Pony Puzzle’ next to the world famous Get Off the Earth Puzzle.

If your really love Samuel Loyd puzzles, you can also download Sam Loyd’s Cyclopedia of 5000 puzzles tricks and conundrums with answers. The download is [Read More...]

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Jigsaw Puzzle with only Edge Pieces


The first thing I do when solving a Jigsaw Puzzle is to find the edge pieces and build the outside of the puzzle.

This to get started, but with The Edge Jisgsaw Puzzle this won’t work because this puzzle contains edge jigsaw pieces only (each piece has one straight edge). At Amazon you can find four of this kind of jigsaw puzzles with a 1.000 edge pieces each for around US$ 14.

If you like to read more about jigsaw puzzle please read our jigsaw puzzle page.

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Swuffle Flash – Puzzle Game


Swuffle is another yet simple Flash puzzle game like Tetris.

This puzzle game has as a twist a concept where you have to rotate the so called ‘swuffles’ in order to make create a square of the same colored swuffles. The game offers combo, triple, swuffle and super swuffle bonus scores to make it even more interesting.

User interface is very basic: use the mouse to select a group of 4 swuffles, press on the left mouse button to rotate. You can press on the space bar to change the rotation direction. Happy Puzzling!


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Build Your Own 2×2 Magnetic Dice Cube


After the detail instructions how to “Build your own Magnetic Rubik’s Dice Cube”, you can now also find a detailed instruction at Instructables dot com on how to Build Your Own 2×2 Magnetic Dice Cube.

Next to the detailed instructions and pictures you can also read the story behind creating this 2×2 magnetic dice cube and all problems encountered including the solution to solve these problems. Enjoy reading and if you are a real DIY’er maybe you can try to build a 2×2 magnetic dice cube [Read More...]

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