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Audio puzzles?, Yes we are talking about Audio puzzles. An Audio puzzle game is a challenging problem, like a brainteaser or logical puzzle, in audio format.

There are lots of variety from one Audio puzzle game to another. Sometimes an Audio puzzle game includes recorded sound effects, sometimes math problems, sometimes verbal play, or even descriptions of graphics or scenarios. In all cases, you have the challenge of listening to the Audio puzzle game and figuring out the answer. You can try to solve the puzzles your self or with your family and friends. publishes a variety of Audio puzzle products. Their first Audio puzzle CD is called Audacious AudioPuzzles Book #1 and includes 2 CD’s with 40 puzzles written by Karen Richards and edited by Donna Auguste. For each of the puzzles there is also a hint and of course the solution. It’s also possible to put the Audiopuzzles to your MP3-player, iPod or even your iPhone.

At you can listen to four Audio Puzzle samples and you can they offer you to buy the CD’s via Google checkout for less than US$ 15.

If you don’t have Google Checkout or don’t live in the US you can also order the Audicious Audiopuzzles CD at Amazon. Happy Puzzling!

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