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Sudoku, Match Three and Collapsing Blocks (also known as SameGame) are the first three puzzle games to be released for the iPhone from MacMost. The games can be played for free by iPhone users by simply using their iPhone to browse to is a Apple enthusiast site with news, tutorials and a weekly video podcast. It is produced by CleverMedia, an Internet content company that has created more than 300 Web-based games since 1995.

Gary Rosenzweig, founder of CleverMedia and executive producer of MacMost, created the games in anticipation of the iPhone launch, without being able to test the games until the phone was released on June 29.

“I was able to draw on our library of game code and create the games using my best guesses about the iPhone’s capabilities,” said Rosenzweig. “Then I waited in line all day on Friday so I could be one of the first to get one and to test the games.”

While the iPhone does not include any game applications at launch, it does allow for third-party developers to make games using the Safari Web browser built into the phone.

The Match Three game challenges players to swap objects to line up three matching pieces in a row. It is the same basic concept as most popular casual games. MacMost’s game uses apples as playing pieces.
The Collapsing Blocks game is another classic casual game type, adapted for the iPhone’s screen.

The Sudoku game uses the iPhone’s touch screen to allow the player to enter numbers on a standard Sudoku board. It features a nearly unlimited supply of puzzle boards, with three levels of difficulty.

The games can be played by going to and clicking on the “iPhone Games” link at the right top of the page. [via PRWeb]. Happy Puzzling!

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