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Jelly Blocks is a very addictive Flash puzzle game created by Michael Le. The object of the game is simple, just connect all matching colored blocks together (it looks a little bit like the puzzle ReMaze from Jay Is Games Flash Games Design Competition).

Game play is easy, simple use the arrow keys to move the blocks, and note that all the blocks move simultaneously in the same direction, except when they are blocked. There are in total 100 levels available and your progress through the game is automatically saved after you complete a level, so you can come back later and continue where you left off.

The first levels of Jelly Blocks (around 30) are very easy to complete and this can make it very addictive to continue or you just give up because it’s boring … I continued puzzling. Happy Puzzling!

Update : If you got stuck you can find the Jelly Blocks walkthrough (level 1-50) and Jelly Blocks walkthrough (level 51-100) via YouTube.

Update 2 : Jelly Blocks (iTunes link alert) is also available for iPhone.

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