Maze in Maize Theme is Space

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Also this year for the third time in Whaplode (UK) there is a Maze in Maize and this years theme is Space.

The maze is open from Saturday 21st July 2007 till Sunday 30th September 2007. Open daily 10.00am until 6.00pm (last entry 5.00pm) from Saturday 21st July till Sunday 9th September. After Sunday 9th September they will be open at weekends only until Sunday 30th September.

The field is measured and marked out by hand, this means lots of walking for farmer Lance Whittington (brainchild of maze in maize) up and down the field, counting every row. Once the field is measured then comes the taxing bit of drawing the maze design onto the field. Careful planning is used, this means careful planning! Because if he makes one mistake then the whole design will look wrong and they don’t want that!

This year there is also a Straw Bale Pyramid, Children’s Trim Trail and Adventure Play Area and much more. This will keep you and your kids busy for hours in the middle of nature on a working farm. For more information please visit Happy Puzzling!

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