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Today I received an email about the NUZL PUZL which is a new concept combining the fun of a jigsaw puzzle, the challenge of Sudoku and the educational benefits of understanding magic squares. As a bonus, the NUZL PUZL also contains the rules of a unique game, NUZL DOKU, designed to teach all ages the number placement rules of magic squares while providing a fun family game.

Created in three formats, the original 81 piece NUZL set is manufactured exclusively by Kinlux in China but is the creation of Innuendo Games, a division of Innuendo Design. It can be licensed by territory or branded for corporate use.

Smaller 36 piece sets for younger players are also available, and an EVA
version of 16 pieces for toddlers is in development.

The NUZL is a revolution in Puzzle and Game ideas. The NUZL is the name of the shaped pieces, designed for easy assembly and regular use, unlike a jigsaw puzzle which must clip together once to form a picture.

Each NUZL set contains the NUZL PUZL which can be played as a puzzle and involves assembling nine 3×3 grids of numbers so that none appear more than once in each column, row or nonet. This inĀ­troduces players to logic, number placement and Sudoku.

Every set contains a die and rules for the game of NUZL DOKU which can be played by 2 to 9 players. For younger players NUZL PUZL has a simpler JIMI NUZL set that contains six 3×2 NUZL grids and a D6 die. The NUZL range is available directly from our sole licensed manufacturer – Kinlux Industrial Corporation.

As far as I could find on the Internet the NUZL PUZL is not available yet but from now NUZL is available for licensing in other formats, including mobile phone game, refrigerator magnets, magnetic game and in JIMI NUZL and MINI NUZL formats for toddlers and babies.

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