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Oprah Winfrey Maze


You can not only view mazes world wide via Google Earth but you can also try to find a maze of a world famous person like Oprah.

While looking at the sixteen strangest sights in Google Earth I saw a maze representing the face of Oprah. An Arizona farmer built this 10-acre homage to the talk show host (Google Earth coordinates 33.225488,-111.5955). Visitors can tell their friends, “I got lost inside Oprah’s head.”. Happy Puzzling!

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Audacious Audiopuzzles Book


Audio puzzles?, Yes we are talking about Audio puzzles. An Audio puzzle game is a challenging problem, like a brainteaser or logical puzzle, in audio format.

There are lots of variety from one Audio puzzle game to another. Sometimes an Audio puzzle game includes recorded sound effects, sometimes math problems, sometimes verbal play, or even descriptions of graphics or scenarios. In all cases, you have the challenge of listening to the Audio puzzle game and figuring out the answer. You can try to solve the puzzles your self or with your family and friends. publishes a variety of Audio [Read More...]

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Today I received an email about the NUZL PUZL which is a new concept combining the fun of a jigsaw puzzle, the challenge of Sudoku and the educational benefits of understanding magic squares. As a bonus, the NUZL PUZL also contains the rules of a unique game, NUZL DOKU, designed to teach all ages the number placement rules of magic squares while providing a fun family game.

Created in three formats, the original 81 piece NUZL set is manufactured exclusively by Kinlux in China but is the creation of Innuendo Games, a division of Innuendo Design. It can be licensed [Read More...]

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Jelly Blocks – Online Puzzle Game


Jelly Blocks is a very addictive Flash puzzle game created by Michael Le. The object of the game is simple, just connect all matching colored blocks together (it looks a little bit like the puzzle ReMaze from Jay Is Games Flash Games Design Competition).

Game play is easy, simple use the arrow keys to move the blocks, and note that all the blocks move simultaneously in the same direction, except when they are blocked. There are in total 100 levels available and your progress through the game is automatically saved after you complete a [Read More...]

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Znax Puzzle Game


Nick Kouvaris offers you one of his collection of Flash games via Lighthouse.

Znax is a Flash puzzle game and the object is simple. Just click four tiles of the same color and form squares as big as you can.

You will erase all the tiles inside the square selected square and collect as many points as possible. Get maximum score if you make a square with game edges. Happy Puzzling!


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ReMaze – Online Puzzle Game


It’s time again for Jay Is Games’ Game Design Competition and the Re-Maze is the one I like the most (for now).

ReMaze is a simple but very addictive multi-level puzzle game of increasing complexity with 21 levels (not shown on the screen). The “replay” theme in this piece is visible as a creative interpretation, and is also present in its replay value as you may see. Navigate through each level of the maze using the keyboard cursor keys for control.

Object is to move a block through a maze to the end (open square). It starts simple with one [Read More...]

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Win The Golden Jigsaw Competition


The Golden Jigsaw competition starts at 12h00 [CET] today has ended. The competition requires you to find in total 1,000 jigsaw puzzle pieces scattered around the web and assemble them (if you can’t find them you can also buy puzzle pieces). The first to find and assemble all of the pieces will win US$ 1,000,000.

Most of the pieces are, of course, located on the sites of paying advertisers, as this is how the prize money gets paid. The final ten pieces will be located on charity websites. [via]. Happy Puzzling!

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