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P-kolino Klick – Desk and Chair


This playfully smart desk and chair set is a perfect fit. The chair and the desk fits together like two jigsaw puzzle pieces.

This set is perfect furniture for as well the parents as the children. With ample working and storage space for the parents and the P’kolino Klick is a lovely place to play for the children. With its ability to cleverly minimize, and thus maximize the home aesthetic, it is perfect for Moms and Dads.

More information via KidsModern. Happy Puzzling!


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Ingenious – Puzzle Board Game


Ingenious is a new puzzle game based on the best-selling and award-winning board game by German board game designer Reiner Knizia.

The electronic version of Ingenious which can be played on PC’s by Merscom. At their website you can download a free 60 minutes trail version of the Ingenious puzzle game but also download the complete version of Ingenious for US$ 19.99.

The game is easy to play, but very difficult to master, Ingenious is a unique combination of strategy and luck! You objective is to conquer the [Read More...]

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Printable World Championship Sudoku Variants


Thanks to Leigh Anne for sending a link along to the website of the Sudoku 2007 2nd World Sudoku Championship in Prague (Czech Republic).

Here you can find a lot of information about the World Sudoku Championship, but the best thing is that there is a 34 page pdf document [750kb] which you can download for free with a lot of Sudoku variants (Jigsaw Roundoku, Futoshiki, IsoSudoku and much more) and also examples you can expect at a World Sudoku Championship.

Enjoy all Sudoku [Read More...]

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Electronic Sudoku by Nikoli


One of the best Sudoku makers is Nikoli as they design the Sudoku’s they publish by hand.

Now there is also an electronic Sudoku Game available with 99 different Sudoku’s. If you want to be the first to own this neat little device you can buy Franklin Electronic Sudoku Game by Nikoli from

Settings for beginners, intermediate and advanced enthusiasts. Details: operated by two AA batteries, supplied; 14.5 x 9 x 2.5 cm (5 3/4″ x 3 1/2″ x 1″). Happy Puzzling!

You can also buy other [Read More...]

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Find A Corn Maze in North America


After my previous post ‘Maze in Maize Theme is Space‘ I looked for more mazes.

Via I found two pages with Corn Mazes, one with a list of Corn Mazes in the USA and one listing Corn Mazes in Canada. On both pages you can find per state with Mazes. Another page I found about mazes is called MazePlay but this one is not updated yet for 2007 so you can only find aerial photos [Read More...]

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Maze in Maize Theme is Space


Also this year for the third time in Whaplode (UK) there is a Maze in Maize and this years theme is Space.

The maze is open from Saturday 21st July 2007 till Sunday 30th September 2007. Open daily 10.00am until 6.00pm (last entry 5.00pm) from Saturday 21st July till Sunday 9th September. After Sunday 9th September they will be open at weekends only until Sunday 30th September.

The field is measured and marked out by hand, this means lots of walking for farmer Lance Whittington (brainchild of maze in maize) up and down the field, counting every row. Once the [Read More...]

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Cucaracha – Online Puzzle Game


The objective of Cucaracha is to stop the Cucarachas (smiley look-a-likes that doesn’t look very happy) from expanding to both sides of the board.

To remove them from the board you need to create groups of three or more connected Cucaracha’s. Use the special miner and magic Cucaracha wisely because every minute this creatures do a super-attack, that adds 10 extra Cucarachas to the board.

Game play is easy, just use the mouse to aim and fire the Cucaracha creatures. The miner-Cucaracha will remove the whole row, a magic Cucaracha will remove all of [Read More...]

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