Rubik’s Delta Ball Review

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Finally added last weekend Rubik’s Delta Ball to my collection after writing about the Rubik’s Delta Ball puzzle some weeks ago.

Rubik’s Delta Ball is the latest in the Rubik’s puzzle Range which started with Rubik’s Cube more than 25 years ago. Rubik’s Delta Ball is invented by Marc Wittevrongel and his son from Belgium Rubik’s Delta Ball has sold under the Jumbo brand.

At this moment Rubik’s Delta ball is available in parts of Europe but also in the Oakland USA (thanks to Derrick). Retail price is around 13 Euro (approx. US$ 20).

Rubik’s Delta ball is a spherical shaped puzzle which consists of 20 colored triangle shaped sliding tiles of which one red tile with a ring has to be removed before you can start puzzling. For each of the four colors (red, yellow, blue, green) there are 5 triangle shaped tiles numbered one to five.
The best way to visualize Rubik’s Delta ball is the world famous sliding puzzles / 15 puzzle, only Delta Ball is round and has triangle tiles in stead of squared tiles.

The puzzle comes with seven puzzles of which 6 puzzles can be solved at three levels. For level one it doesn’t matter at which position the numbers are, just get the colors at the right place. Level 2: Get the colors and the numbers at the right place. For level three (called the ultimate Delta Ball Challenge) you have to make a ‘Sudoku’ consisting of 12 overlapping pentagons of which each pentagon consists of the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Rubik’s Delta ball can be challenging for all puzzle lovers aged 8+. The several objectives and the different levels available to solve Rubik’s Delta ball makes it lovely puzzle for all puzzlers and kids. The tiles slide very easy around the sphere (compared to my first Rubik’s Cube). All puzzles will be published soon at my Rubik’s Delta Ball puzzle web page.

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