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Sobics School is yet another online puzzle game. And as many other block games this has also a twist.

You have to group four or more blocks of the same color together to get rid of them. Blocks will pile up from the top so you have to group blocks quickly to get them as far away as possible from you (some kind of ‘Teletubby’ look-a-like character).

Move this ‘Teletubby’ under the block(s) you want to move (when more than one block of the same color are above each other you can move them in one move). Click the left mouse button to catch the colored block(s). Move the ‘Teletubby’ under the pile you want the blocks to add to and click the left mouse button again to throw them up.

Try to group as many blocks as you can to score combo bonus points. Sobics School has as all block puzzles also some specialties like a dynamite block to blow up any pile of blocks. Happy Puzzling!

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