Custom-designed Sudoku’s by Nikoli at Westin Hotels

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In Hotels Magazine there is a story that Westin Hotels & Resorts together with the worlds best Sudoku creator company Nikoli will offer guest staying at Westin Hotels & Resorts custom-designed Sudoku’s.
Nikoli Sudoku’s are loved because they are not generated by computers but by humans. [via Hotels Magazine]

Announcement: Announcement: Westin Hotels & Resorts announces that it will soon offer guests staying at Westin hotels and resorts worldwide the chance to refresh and relax with custom-designed Sudoku games. Westin announces it has formed a relationship with Nikoli Company Limited, the leading creator and publisher of puzzle magazines in Japan, to craft unique formats of Sudoku games that help travelers unwind, de-stress and exercise their mind. Sudoku is a logic-based number placement puzzle invented over 25 years ago.

“Sudoku is a game born from a passion to help pass the time by relaxing the mind. People should approach Sudoku as not a problem to solve but a game to play to relax and refresh. It is not meant to be played against the clock or as part of an intelligence challenge. It shouldn’t feel forced – like if you were studying for a test. It should be instinctive,” commented Maki Kaji, also known as the ‘father of Sudoku’. Maki Kaji founded Nikoli, a Tokyo based company well known for not just Sudoku but for a wide variety of puzzles. “The beauty of Sudoku is that it has universal appeal to all ages as it is easy to learn. We are thrilled with this opportunity to allow the Westin guests the chance to enjoy another innovative form of relaxation,” added Kaji. “Sudoku is a wonderful way for Westin guests to relax and exercise their minds. As a Sudoku addict myself, I know the personal benefits this refreshing game provides and am confident our guests will feel the same. Sudoku clearly epitomizes the Westin brand’s positioning around creating such a memorable experience for our guests.” commented Sue Brush, Senior Vice President for Westin Hotels & Resorts. Westin and Nikoli will be working on a series of activities to promote and engage guests with the Sudoku experience.

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