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GoGetter is an eye-catching collection of four puzzle adventures for children. A series of raised images surround a platform of nine removable tiles, each tile containing a segment of path.

Players are directed to create paths connecting the images in sequences of increasing difficulty. Twelve challenges are presented, however, each GoGetter style has over 40 possible solutions! The twelve challenges are represented by whimsical illustrations in a colorful booklet that stores in a hidden drawer. A transparent plastic top coves the puzzle for easy travel and storage.

These four unique brainteasers are sure to please and challenge all ages. The come in the following editions Gogetter1 Cat & Mouse, Gogetter2 Land & Water, Gogetter3 Prince & Dragon and Gogetter4 Mummy Mystery. The Go Getter Puzzle puzzle can be ordered from Amazon.co.uk for delivery to the UK and most countries in Europe. Happy Puzzling!

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