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Next to Haluz there is now also Haluz2, a lovely point-and-click Flash puzzle game like Samorost 1 and Samorost2 (some call this kind of puzzle also adventure games).

The background pictures of Haluz and Haluz2 were taken in the forest of Slovakia’s Carpathian mountains. This vast mountain range is hundreds of miles long it stretches across the countries Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine and Romania. Haluz is greatly inspired by the nature of these mountains, its’ forest, trees, animals and by many micro-worlds that can be found in Capathians. This as background of the games that looks so real.

Haluz and Haluz2 can be played online and you can also download the Full version of Haluz2 (even with the soundtracks if you like the music). Enjoy Haluz1 and Haluz2 this weekend. Happy Puzzling!

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