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OpenPuzzle is a so called web 2.0 website where a jigsaw puzzle is composed of people’s faces.

In actuality, the puzzle is more of a mosaic of portraits which doubles as a social network. There really isn’t any solving necessary. Instead, you sign up, add your pic and profile, and find your friends and acquaintances. The search function lets you scour for old classmates and search for people in your area.

You can save parts of the puzzle using a puzzle mark, essentially a snapshot bookmark to which you can add comments and descriptions. You can group photos of yourself and your chums, and publish your personal puzzle marks on your website or blog.

So far OpenPuzzle boasts 519 portraits from people in 14 countries. [via Killer Start Ups]. Happy Puzzling!

Update May 12th 2010 : 1678 people from 48 countries

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