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Play Online Blokus in Flash


The Sekkoļa team is glad to present you the brand new Blokus website!

They hope you will enjoy discovering its various topics, and that you won’t hesitate to express yourself there via their weblog or forum. Also, Sekkoļa is happy to launch today the new Flash version of the Blokus online game : a more user-friendly version, enriched with brand new functionalities. Register now and get full access to the game for free!

These launch versions of their Website and new online Flash version of Blokus will certainly present some imperfections (especially right now, it seems there are [Read More...]

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Online Maze in Flash


Maze is a simple but nice Flash Puzzle Game. Your object is to find your way out of the randomly generated maze by finding a key to open doors and locating the exit. Collect a the hammer so you can use the hammer to break down a wall. You’re playing against a time limit. The most I like is that you are only able to see a part of the maze, to view the complete maze you can find a map in the maze and have a look at it. Enjoy Maze

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Haluz – Point-and-Click Puzzle Game


Next to Haluz there is now also Haluz2, a lovely point-and-click Flash puzzle game like Samorost 1 and Samorost2 (some call this kind of puzzle also adventure games).

The background pictures of Haluz and Haluz2 were taken in the forest of Slovakia’s Carpathian mountains. This vast mountain range is hundreds of miles long it stretches across the countries Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine and Romania. Haluz is greatly inspired by the nature of these mountains, its’ forest, trees, animals and by many micro-worlds that [Read More...]

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Stevemata Maze Puzzle Game


At you can download a demo of the maze/sokoban/transport puzzle game he created. It’s variant of the world famous Sega arcade game Pengo from 1982.

The game takes place in an overhead maze made of blocks where the Blue character has to move barrels and find your way through the maze to end up a rotating red/white pill.

The complete version which is available for US$ 19.95 (via paypal) offers you also the possibility to create your own levels, and when used by Stevemata you will even [Read More...]

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QBz Online Puzzle Game


QBz is an online Flash puzzle game of which you can also download a version for PC as well as Mac. QBz is a block puzzle game like Same Game. Your object is th clear the board of QBz, by clicking on one color group of blocks at a time. The group has to be no less than two QBz. The bigger the group, the higher you score. There are several levels with three special moves per level (rotate left/right or mix). Don’t click single blocks as they can’t be removed and will you will [Read More...]

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Fit the Position – Online Puzzle Game

Already in 2005 Hanfish released a Flash Puzzle game called ‘Fit the Position. You can not play this game at their website but there are more than enough websites still hosting Fit the Position. The concept is nice but in my opinion boring after a few levels.

The object of Fit the Position is to get each position marked with a shape occupied by the correct shape. Click on the blue button above any of the boxes containing shapes. When the button is clicked, the shape will move two positions in the direction it faces and any shapes [Read More...]

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Galder Beta for Mac


Fastforward Software has released a public beta version of puzzle game Galder for the Mac OS X. when, but until the release you can download a free beta version to play, but it will expire within 30 days.

Galder is another puzzle game where you have to remove gem stones (like bejeweled) as quickly as you can from an interactive circular board, by matching identical stones. Galder requires Mac OS X v10.3.9 (or later). When released Galder will retails for US$ 19.99. Happy Puzzling!


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